Friday, 10 April 2009

Easter Gathering at the Boat Museum, Ellesmere Port

The Easter Gathering is probably one of the best times to visit the Boat Museum, as many vintage working boats visit and the lock system is working, plus several engines from the collection.
Guy & my cousin Richard having a look at the steam boilers at the Pump House.

It is also an interesting source of designs for patchwork & quilting, in the industrial architecture, technology and the "roses and castles" traditional boat decoration.

Jane Moss was one of the artists demonstrating how to paint the latter - you can see more of her work here. Her technique for painting the roses was beautiful and the brushwork reminded me of many of the antique panels at the museum, rather than the somewhat solid style of painting often seen.
"Potters Row" is a group of four restored cottages, built in the 1830s and showing homes from the 1840s, c1900, 1930s and 1950s. In the 1900 house, we got chatting to the museum volunteers who told me their vintage treadle sewing machine was locked and they couldn't find the key. With a bit of help from Guy's leatherman knife, I managed to unfasten the lock. I checked the serial number online to find the date of manufacture and it was made in 1891, when numbers 9.810.000 to 10.629.999 were manufactured - its number is 10596706. I'm still trying to work out the model number - it has a fiddle base and the later kind of boat shuttle rather than the one on the 12k. I suspect it could be a V.S.2 - have a look at the photo and info here (first photo on the page) and see what you think. The decals are slightly different, but they often seem to vary on the same model. The information about how the V.S.2 developed into the model 27 and then the 128K is interesting to note. I have examples of both these machines and the one at the Boat Museum certainly shares many features. Interestingly, it doesn't have the shuttle eject feature found on the 128K and has the low bobbin winder found on the 27. The case and base are almost identical to the Singer model 27 halfway down this page.

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