Saturday, 11 April 2009

Chester wildlife & miniature ideas - random Easter photos

I don't consider myself to be any good as a wildlife photographer - I don't have the patience to wait for the right shot and, by the time I've got the camera out, the bird or animal has usually got away! Today, the city walls in Chester were a good vantage point to snap this squirrel. It came back to get a good look at us!

There were two ducks sunbathing and napping in a minimalist modern garden next to the wall. The contrast between their plumage and the slate chippings was interesting.

The cherry blossom around Chester Cathedral is already starting to fall.

We'd gone to Chester to look at Roman remains but ended up walking almost the full length of the wall. There are more contrasts in this photo of the Bluecoat School and the canal.

The Bluecoat School also gave me an idea for the decoration of my dollshouse pub frontage, which reminds me of some of Chester's eighteenth century buildings.

The wall provided the perfect point to photograph sections of brick from the side wall of an eighteenth century house. Why? I want to print my own brick paper for the miniature pub, as I haven't found any commercially available paper that is quite what I am looking for (and stencilling the front isn't going to work, as it is very three dimensional and I won't be able to get the stencil to lie flat over a large area).

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