Monday, 20 April 2009

Planning a workshop tour of Scotland & Borders, 2010

I've cut and pasted the following info from my posting to the BQSwap group, as it's difficult to type when Takenoko the cat is determined to give you a hug for coming home - he's on my lap and hanging onto my shoulder as I type!

I'm trying to sort out a "Scotland and Borders" workshop tour for April 2010. Teaching workshops to several groups in one area is a good way to keep travel costs down and makes better use of my time - less driving around, more teaching! It also makes visiting some far flung places more realistic re travel costs, as I'll share these out among the groups.
The time slot I've allocated runs from Thursday 15th to Saturday 24th April 2010. So far the following dates/places are prpvionally booked -
Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th - Linlithgow
Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th - Lancaster
To help with your calculations, I live near Wrexham, Wales.
You can view my talks & workshop page - scroll down for the sashiko & bag workshops. I also have a non sashiko version of the Sashiko Kinchaku bag, where we make the bags in other fabrics.

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