Sunday, 19 April 2009

Scottish Handcraft Circle's residential workshop

I was invited to teach my sashiko course over three days with the Scottish Handcraft Circle in Linlithgow last week. After hard work but with a lot of fun, the group had made some lovely sashiko samples and we had an informal exhibition of their panels at lunchtime on the last day.

This is the same kind of mini course that I teach at Denman College and devised as a residential course several years ago, trying it out in Llangollen as part of Quiltfest first time round. It incorporates a version of my "Sashiko and Japanese Country Textiles" talk as an introduction, before moving on to cover parts of my three sashiko workshops. By the end of the course, everyone has made some hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko) samples, some panels with curved moyouzashi patterns (including shippo and nowaki), a small asanoha (hemp leaf) panel, a corner fan and a kamon (family crest). Everyone learns how to mark the patterns as well as stitch them, so afterwards they can mark sashiko on any suitable fabric for their own projects.

The sashiko course is ideal for a weekend of stitching!

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