Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sakata sashiko kit for Euro Japan Links Limited

Over the Easter weekend, I revamped and remade my Sakata sashiko design. It combines five old sashiko designs from Sakata, in the Shonai region of Yamagatga Prefecture, Japan, with patchwork effect "cheater" fabrics, all set out in a nine patch arrangement. Euro Japan Links Limited brought it out as a kit a few years ago, but the original cheater fabric was discontinued and we replaced it with a very pretty print with camelias on a patchwork background for the new version. If you order it now, this is the fabric combination you will receive.

The original kit was made as a wallhanging, but when my mum saw it, she thought it would make a great table centre, so here it is! Do I get the feeling I'm going to be making it again? It looks just right on her dining table. The Japanese dish with the maple leaf design and the glass decanters are her props, not mine.

If you are interested in the kit, click the Euro Japan Links website link to find it (the website photo probably still shows the original version, so the cheater fabric will be different). They are doing a show in France this weekend but will have the new kit out at Quilts UK, Malvern, in mid May too.

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Kelly said...

This quilt is so beautiful! If all my fabric wasn't stored away, I'd go home and start making one just like it.