Sunday, 26 April 2009

St George's Day in England & Wealden Quilt Show

InWales, it was Thursday, but in England, April 23rd is St George's Day. What could be better than to celebrate by spending the evening out at a good pub, watching some morris dancing?

Hartley Morris Men and Kettle Bridge Clogs danced at the Queen's Head, Mereworth.

Four of the local scouts had learned a stick dance for their Heritage Badge and they performed it with some of Hartley's dancers. Afterwards, the Squire of the Morris Ring presented them with certificates.

There were plenty of St George's flags and red and white to be seen, not only on the dancers' kit, though Hartley's Fool leaves you in no doubt where they're from with his Union Jack tailcoat & hat. One of his coat badges is "You can always tell a Brit.... but you can't tell him much!" LOL

There's always some good singing in the bar after Hartley have danced out, with lots of choruses to join in with. I was trying to look after my voice for two days of sashiko demos at the Wealden Quilt Show at Crowborough, so I tried to keep quieter than usual. After three days' demoing & talking at Quilts in the Garden earlier this month, I could only croak on the Monday morning!

The Denman Kannon central panel is nearly finished and I'll be able to add the borders soon.

It was a lovely show with many excellent quilts, and a good proportion of larger bed quilts - often there aren't so many bed quilts at shows these days. Thank you very much to Lynette (the "Stitch Witch") and Jan for inviting me at short notice!

There were several large "Round the World" theme sampler quilts done to Lynette's designs, with blocks for different countries. It is always refreshing to see a new take on a sampler quilt. She also had her lovely new pansies panel on display - you can see it on her website.

Jan was demoing with one of the top of the range Bernina sewing machines, with programmable embroidery designs. I was too busy during the show to see it working, but it looked really interesting.

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