Monday, 18 May 2009

Awards at Malvern

Here's a few photos taken on Sunday afternoon at Malvern. Somehow Debbie managed to get right behind Emma from Grosvenor Exhibitions, who was taking photos for "Fabrications" magazine - I should have pointed out that it probably wasn't the best place to stand! Look out for photos in the magazine. They'll be writing a review of the show.

EDIT - extra photos added from Sally Bramald. Thanks!

Kona Bay Challenge award -

Sampler Quilt award -
Piecing award -

Most of the Quilts UK awards are perpetual awards, so it is great to see your name added to an illustrious list of former winners and see how many well-known "names" of the quilting world are on there.

Gwenfai Rees-Griffiths, a very well known quilter from North Wales, scooped several awards, including First in the Bedquilts section and Best in Show. You can see her amazing quilt behind us in the photos.

I think we both gave Roger Cooling (Grosvenor Exhibitions) a few problems with our quilt titles - "Hakone Yosegi Sampler" from me and "Cwlwm Lafant" (Lavender Knot) from Gwenfai!

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