Thursday, 28 May 2009

Gresford Craft Group & Wrexham Quilting Circle's 2009 exhibition

Gresford Craft Group and Wrexham Quilting Circle's annual exhibition will be open from Tuesday 16th - Friday 19th June 2009 (the photo above shows part of the 2005 exhibition in the church). I asked organiser Val Shields for up to date info re visiting and she writes -

"Opening is 10.30 - 8.30, Tues - Thurs, 10.30 - 6 on Friday. Admission is £2.50 which covers both venues and the programme is 50p for those who want one. Parking is better at the Memorial Hall and the walk is pretty level along the High Street to the Church. There are fewer car parking spaces this year around the church due to some 'improvements' and a partial one-way system past the school. "

This year, Dot Sherlock's Quilters Needs shop will be at the Memorial Hall, which is where the Wrexham Quilting Circle part of the exhibition is held. In previous years, many people have parked here and started with the quilting exhibition, as parking facilities are definitely better. It also makes sense to start there if you are coming by bus, as it is only a few hundred yards from the middle of the village. Church House has been renovated and it sounds pretty amazing, with lots of changes, but you'll have to see it for yourself!

My Kamon Sampler quilt and the Kasuri Sampler, both from "Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match", will be on display in the church. I have also promised them my Sakiori bolster cushion from "Japanese Sashiko Inspirations".

"Kyoto Dreams" and "O-neesan" will be in the Wrexham Quilting Circle exhibition. These were finished last year but haven't been exhibited at Gresford before, as they both went straight out to Peaceful Heart Quilt Group's exhibition in Japan.

The workshop samples for my two Summer Sunday workshops will also be with the Wrexham Quilting Circle exhibition and there will be booking information available.

Unfortunately, this is the third year that our exhibition has clashed with the National Quilting Championships at Sandown Park, Esher, Surrey. Although it doesn't clash for anyone wanting to visit both exhibitions (the only day they are both open is the Friday), I need to deliver quilts in Surrey on the Tuesday afternoon and set my display up on the Thursday, so I can't be at Gresford as well...

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