Sunday, 31 May 2009

Rozanne Hawksley at Ruthin Craft Centre

Today is the final day of Rozanne Hawksley's exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre. To mark the final weekend, Rozanne has been giving talks in the gallery and yesterday led a discursive workshop on the theme of "In my beginning, is my end". As a birthday treat for last weekend, I attended the workshop, where we discussed themes, links & works (among other things), with all the students using several objects with "sentimental" associations as a starting point. Many interesting issues were raised, and we may even get back together as a group to show works inspired by the exhibition - we will have to see how it goes!

Rozanne's own work is of a very personal nature, drawing on her life experiences. It could be described best as textile sculpture/installation, although embroidery is a major element. Click the links below to see her work on other websites (she doesn't have her own site).

Ruthin Craft Centre

Exhibition photos by Dewi Lloyd, on flicker (you canplay these as a slideshow)

In the Beginning - forthcoming exhibit with the Knitting & Stitching Show

The Sixty Two Group of Textile Artists

Wales Arts International

National Electronic & Video Archive of the Crafts (NEVAC) - this video has been playing as part of the exhibition (sorry, the link just gives you info about the video, not the video itself).

Interface exhibition review

Mary Schoeser's book about Rozanne Hawksley

Wales Online interview

Embroiderers' Guild "In their own words" (opens a pdf file)

It was not at all surprising that among Rozanne's own postcard collection, there were images of the Margaret Laton jacket from the V & A.

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frillip moolog: said...

Thanks for the post Susan. I think that the Wales Online interview article is particularly good and definitely reflective of the things that Roz said at Ruthin yesterday.