Sunday, 24 May 2009

Plas Newydd documents

I have done several artist's residencies and community patchwork projects at Plas Newydd, Llangollen, since 2005. It is a fascinating house, not only for the story of the Ladies of Llangollen but also for the many alterations over its history. After the first time I worked there, I acquired a windowframe and some panelling that came from one of the late Victorian extensions to the house, which were demolished in 1963. I've wanted to try to work out which part of the extension the windowframe came from, and suspected it came from the wing at the back of the house. However, photos of the house taken directly from the front hide that part of the house. So I was really pleased to find this postcard (centre above) on eBay today - showing "my" window frame, right on the gable end of the extension! The other window frames which came out of the store at the same time were clearly those for the extension on the right of the main house, as they are wider and shorter versions of the gothic arch window. For now, the photos above are from the eBay listing, so there isn't much detail in them, but once the postcards arrive, I'll scan them and post a photo of the windowframe too.

Another goodie - a copy of the sales brochure - 17 pages from the Earl of Tankerville's (?) sale of the house. No date, but it should be easy enough to date it from other records at the house - it looks 1920s or 30s to me, though might be later. I am interested to read the descriptions of the house & grounds, as it obviously predates the demolition of the later wings.

I'll replace these photos with better scans once I have the documents.

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