Friday, 10 July 2009

Denman Kannon - waves & lotus blossoms

I finished the waves and lotus blossom border details this afternoon. The next step is adding the top and bottom borders, then layering the panel with the wadding (black Hobbs Polydown) and backing. Then quilting alongside some of the sashiko lines in the middle section, and adding LOTS of hitomezashi in the borders...

Earlier I wasn't sure if I liked the effect of the lotus blossoms and leaves. The lotus leaves in particular look a bit sparse and empty compared with the dense willow leaves. Once I add the hitoemezashi to the border the balance will change again, making the top and bottom of the border appear much lighter (more like the stitch density in the centre of the halo), so I think it will look better once that is done and there is more contrast.

The back is covered in knots, both ordinary single knots at the start and finish and hatamusubi (loom knots) to join in new lengths of thread. As this will be hidden inside the finished quilt, I have taken a few photos just for the record!

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Yvonne Morgan said...

She's stunning! The back is lovely too.