Sunday, 12 July 2009

Super Strips quilt top at Gresford

Don't these just glow?

Five more lovely versions of Super Strips were started today at Gresford, two using Jelly Rolls (21/2in wide strips), two with 1 1/2in wide strips (like my original version) and another using 1 1/4in strips, inspired by the narrow strip version Dot made at the December 2008 workshop. As usual with this workshop, they all worked out beautifully but produced very different finished effects. The two above (ultra narrow strips at top and 1 1/2in strips at the bottom) show how effective a symmetrical layout looks, with the strips grading through carefully selected fabrics, with strong contrasts overall. The blue and red version (top) includes blue prints with touches of red and red with touches of blue, linking the two strip selections, while the patchwork has a similar effect with red and yellow fabrics, but with even more contrast.

The quilt centre on the left below uses fabrics from the same jelly roll selection - including a very busy, bandana-like print used for the borders (in red and black) and the rich spring florals in a more realistic style, bursting with colour. Just the thing to welcome spring flowers! The very busy red & white/black & white prints calm the multicoloured florals, rather than appearing busy themselves. The pink and green patchwork on the right takes it's cue from the pink and green border fabric (which will reappear in multiple borders), subtly shading from deeper colours in the centre of the piece, showing how the ombre effect used on the first two panels works with more delicate colour choices.

The last photo shows the design made with a marbled batik jelly roll, which includes all the colours of the rainbow, with tertiary browns. The cooler colours have been kept for the outer triangles, while the brown borders give it the feeling of a flowerbed. Placing the warm colours mainly at the centre of a rainbow Super Strips quilt will draw the eye to the centre. I must make a rainbow version soon! Click this link and scroll down to see a very different rainbow Super Strips made last month in Jersey - I think from the same roll.

I'm looking forward to seeing all these quilts (or at least the tops) finished!

My next workshop at Gresford will be Spinning Squares on Sunday 2nd August 2009 - click here for info. My workshop sample is on the table in the photo below.

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