Sunday, 9 August 2009

"Musicians fight to keep politics out of folk" news report

Story on the BBC's website - here.

Folk Against Fascism - here.

I had begun to wonder when the BNP would start doing this, not if...

It seems that they have pulled a similar stunt regarding Dame Vera Lynn's recording of "The White Cliffs of Dover".


Unknown said...

How rude it that!

I'm not in the UK but - gee!

Good msic is good music and shouldn't be trashed!

I'm becoming a serial pest! I've just made a journal quilt, and when you have time I'd love you to have a look. I'm having so much fun!


Sally in Hobart

Susan Briscoe said...

Thanks for the info re your new quilt - I'll have a look!

And thanks for the comments!