Thursday, 22 October 2009

NEW - my events diary blog

There will be some new things happening on my main website in the New Year and in the meantime, I have asked my website designer Bob at Words & Pixels to make a few changes to links from my homepage. The main difference you may spot is that the events diary will be running in blog format too. This is so I can keep it up to date more easily as I can't do the diary maintenance on the main site without Bob and he goes off doing exciting stuff like fabric and basket sourcing for the African Fabric Shop, so I can't expect him to be always on hand for updates at short notice (like when I agreed to do the Wealden Quilt Show last April, with about 24 hours to go!)

There is a link to the diary blog on the right, in the website links section. Once I have a little more time, I will be adding exhibition posters & flyers to download (jpg photo format), so you can right mouse click to copy them and print off copies yourself.

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