Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Sashiko and patchwork workshops last weekend

Members of Heffle Quilters worked hard on Saturday's workshop, making panels for the Kinchaku Bag. The sashiko workshops give the illusion that it isn't really hard work but everyone achieves so much, learning how to mark and stitch patterns like shippo (seven treasures), nowaki ("grasses") and asanoha (hemp leaf). I heard today that one of the quilters has already finished her bag, while two of the others are almost done, so I'm looking forward to seeing some photos of their pieces soon.

Bedfordshire Quilters chose the Japanese Circles and Squares patchwork workshop for their day on Tuesday. This design makes very economical use of seven fat quarters and one eighth. It doesn't have to be Japanese fabrics, as one of the quilters showed with her super selection of animal skin prints in stripes and spots.

Seeing all the lovely fabric combinations chosen by various quilters is one of the fun aspects of teaching this workshop (and another reason I have more than half a dozen workshop samples in different fabrics, as I enjoy trying out something new!)

This lovely pink and green selection included fabrics with very thirties-style Japanese designs. Once the blocks are made, they can be set out in more than one way, so it is then time to experiment!

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