Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Today's dollop of snow

Fine snow has been falling all day and most of yesterday. Depth varies - along the top of the wall there's at least 12 inches of snow, with the drifts up to three feet or so.

For the third time, Wrexham Council have failed to collect our bins. With Christmas, we have had nearly four weeks with no refuse collection. If they can't get the bin waggon up here due to the roads, I wonder whose responsibility that was? Still no grit at all. Phoned the council earlier (how interesting that refuse collection isn't listed in their big page 304 advert in the phone book!) and the official advice is now to leave the bins "out", they will collect when they can. I hope no one manages to skid into them then... How come the oil delivery can get up here but the bin waggon can't?

The snow in the back garden is deeper.

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