Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Why I don't like snow, by Takenoko

"It is too cold on my paws, nothing smells right and there's just too much of it! Wake me up in spring - I'm hibernating!!"

"I only took two steps outside and the snow was up to my middle!"

These are the pawprints of a cat who has taken one step forward, then stepped backwards quickly...

"My house is snowed in!"

"There's too much snow in the garden..."

"There's snow all over my favourite bench too... it might look soft, but its just COLD."

"Please do not disturb". The doorknocker is frozen...


Unknown said...

Beautiful photos Susan! I'm sitting here in shorts and a T-shirt shivering! I think I'll keep summer, Takenoko is quiet welcome to spend Winter here with me in Tasmania.

Anonymous said...

What a kawaii name he/she has!
Takenoko!!LOL Who named your cat? Do you speak Japanese?