Monday, 22 February 2010

Abergavenny, near Andover and near Abingdon - sashiko & talks

No photos from my "Travels with a Bag Lady" talk and sashiko workshop with Cibi Quilters in Abergavenny earlier this week, as I forgot to take any - if anyone else did, can you send me them please? Thank you to the group and Marylin for being great hosts.

On Thursday I was near Andover, with Sprat and Winkle Quilters (great name!) for the "Sashiko and Country Textiles" talk. On Friday morning, my host Pat took me to their local quilt shop, Quilter's Dream, which has some great fabric selections, including some African fabrics I liked very much and some taupes that will be appearing in my next book.

On Friday, I went back up to the WI's Denman College at Marcham near Abingdon, where we had a super sashiko weekend. Unlike the courses I have taught there earlier, this one ran over four days instead of three, so everyone could get started on a larger project. The amount of designs that were marked and stitched, and the great combinations of patterns within them, didn't surprise me too much - I've seen how stitchers can get hooked on sashiko very quickly - but I think the students didn't believe me when I told them on the first night they would be going home with a lot of pieces!

Here are some general views of the workshop. We were in the Studio in the Education block this time.

The sashiko works -

This time, we made really good use of the college's media facilities, with a large LCD TV screen showing images from my computer and from the internet, so during over the weekend we watched the Yuza sashiko video clip and lots of slideshows of sashiko from Yuza etc. While we were there, Reiko Domon sent me these photos of the Yuza Sashiko School at work, so we saw those too! I hope she enjoys our photos as much as my group enjoyed her pictures.

It is a shame that Japan is 8 - 9 hours ahead of the UK (depending on the time of year), as it would be great otherwise to set up a live webcam link between a class at Denman College and Yuza Sashiko School. Perhaps we could link up an early evening session there with a morning class here. With the facilities at Denman, I think we could do it, so it would be great to try!

You can see one of the photos above on the TV screen below.

For the class at Abergavenney and Denman College, I'm looking forward to seeing some finished pieces, so please send me photos!


OldRound said...

Great photos. Looks like a fab time!

Marie said...

It was a great week end Sue which I thoroughly enjoyed thank you very much. Hopefully I will have some finished pieces for you to look at soon.

Susan Briscoe said...

I think everyone did have a great time, even though they stitched till they were worn out - there was some late night stitching going on after class too!

Marie, thanks for your message. I hope we meet up again soon! With all the lovely patterns everyone was stitching, I forgot to take a photo of your burgundy version of the Plum & Moon Bag, which I am now kicking myself for, because I would love to be able to print some kit covers showing your bag (the original cover shows two colours I don't have in stock at the moment).