Friday, 30 April 2010

Gammelt Dansk Patchwork etc.

I saw a small feature on this book in the Dansk Patchwork Forening (Danish quilt guild) magazine recently. "Klude magasinet" (I had the magazine because my "Tai" and "Plum and Moon" bags, available as kits with English instructions, were translated for the magazine by Bente Eiler, plus the first part of an article I wrote for them about sashiko history & technique). I don't read or speak Danish, but (with a picture of the book cover), the following text made perfect sense to me -

Har du læst bogen Gammelt Dansk Patchwork? For 10kr ekstra kan du få en ed med tesksten på engelsk sammen med bogen.

(I hope the correct accents are showing there!)

Birgit Glüsing is the author and I ordered the book from her just a few days ago. It arrived yesterday (with the English text CD mentioned above, which I will print out), and so far I've been mostly looking at the photos, although it is surprising how the basic information about a quilts date, maker and various facts about a quilt can be picked out from the Danish text if you are an English speaker/reader with a tiny smattering of other northern European languages.

There are some fascinating quilts and coverlets in this book. My favourites (so far) include the work of Johanne Hansen (1890 - 1986) who had a very interesting way of using stripes (page 54 - 55), Bente Magner Jensen's quilts, including a lovely pinwheel in plaids (page 23), felt patchworks (page 58) and the Log Cabin screen on page 77. There are lots of interesting crazy and ultility patchworks, some very attractive hexagon patchworks (they will make you want to start making hexagons again!) and an unusual 1945 pattern for a maple leaf type design (with an old quilt made from the pattern, as well as the original magazine pattern).

If you like traditional quilts and enjoyed
Aså Wettre's book on old Swedish quilts, the old Danish quilts would be your style. The ISBN is 87 989599 0 5 and Birgit has published it herself. The book costs 175 Danish crowns plus just 10 crowns extra for the English CD (price excludes p & p).

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Kathie said...

thanks ok so how much would that be in dollars?
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I love Asa's book!
very inspiring!