Thursday, 29 April 2010

Panic over! Miracle Fabric Sheets found!

I found a whole unopened pack of Miracle Fabric Sheets and have used these instead of the EQ Printables. It took a bit of hunting - I knew which workshop bag it was in, but not where the bag was!

Lawrence, our Man from Rio (Rio Designs) read my e mail message and replied, even though they are enroute to the European Quilt Championships. How about that for service?

The printing is nearly finished. There are 72 different postcards from the Japan British Exhibtion at White City, London. All the images were scanned from original cards I've collected (there are a few I didn't include). Whenever I think I've completed the collection, I spot another card somewhere. Last one to be added is this one -

I'm not an expert on postcard collecting at all but this exhibition has caught my interest. The first item I bought relating to it was a plate I saw in an antique shop in Chester nearly 15 years ago (I may try scanning that and making one block with a circle in it!) I am also now the happy owner of Japan British Exhibition 1910 Garden Club badge no. 951, after the Post Office nearly managing to loose it... I may set up another blog just for images of the exhibition, but that will have to wait till I have more time.

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