Thursday, 20 May 2010

Kimono at the Beetroot Tree

Four of my vintage kimono collection are on display in this exhibition at the Beetroot Tree gallery in Draycott. The red kimono in the image is the first kimono I bought - an ex rental wedding furisode from a sale at Shimizuya department store in Sakata. My "black ship" hikizuri is also on display, along with these two - a 1930s omeshi komon and a c1960 yuzen-dyed houmongi (the mountains on this remind me of Kay Neilsen's illustrations).

I'm taking over a couple of boxes of vintage kimono for sale today, including some men's haori with interesting linings and a beautiful mid Showa era yuzen dyed houmongi.

The dates on the gallery website seem to be different to the actual dates, as the kimono will be available for sale until the beginning of June.


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