Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Back from the National Quilt Championships

I only took one photo at the show, not helped by having one flat camera battery. So this year, no photo of my demo stand. I didn't get a lot of time off the stand, other than going to teach my one hour workshops and I didn't manage to see all the quilts. By the usual method of taking different routes to the loo and workshop spaces, I saw quite some of the large wallhangings and bedquilts. I also got around the batik beauties section in the morning - love the creative use of batiks! From what I saw, there was a stunning range of designs and techniques. Quilt show entries seem to be increasingly diverse and there really is something to suit everyone's personal preferences.

The samurai banner I made for the Oriental Fabric Challenge at Quilts UK was back on show and I took "The Denman Kannon" to hang on my stand.

Now I'm repacking the car for a talk and workshop with Ludlow Quilters in Shropshire tonight and tomorrow. Will take photos in the workshop!

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