Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Ludlow Quilters - Japanese Circles and Squares

Here are some slightly belated photos of the workshop I did with Ludlow Quilters just after the National Quilt Championships. It was a hot and sunny day, so we probably didn't get quite as far with the blocks as often happens, but everyone got a long way into making their blocks.

This colour scheme seemed to match the summery weather.

Making twice as many blocks and arranging the pieces at random in the block border, this is going to become a very stylish boromono (rag cloth) style quilt. Some of the fabrics included are Thai, while most are Japanese.

The striped fabric included here is a kimono-width tsumugi cotton, so it had to be cut separately from the main fabrics, but it is worth it for the stripe accent.

Purples, pinks and blues are similar to one of my workshop samples and are a combination that always works well.

The wavy directional print introduces black to this sophisticated aubergine and olive colour scheme.

Turquoise is a very effective accent colour. The floral print makes a link between the intense colour and a selection of calming Japanese taupes.

I'm looking forward to seeing some finished quilts from this class!

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iNdi@ said...

those japanese fabrics are exquisite