Monday, 30 August 2010

Very, VERY quick wallhanging

Monday - Great Northern Quilt Show is getting close... delivery day is tomorrow. About 3p.m. I started the little piece I'd entered for the theme, "Oriental Expressions". Just finished it (7.30p.m.)!

Bonded applique, bagged out (no binding), applique edges and quilting done in one. Just hope it hangs straight in the show.

It was inspired by Kona Bay's lovely Utamaro print series and shows the table in a Victorian artist's studio, where some Japanese pots are being unwrapped. Many Japanese prints made it to the UK as packaging for ceramics, so that's the scene I've tried to recreate. The "wallpaper" is a Moda print, the sketches are scans of some of my university work (a self portrait in the style of Raphael plus my Raphael "forgery") and the "painting" is a watercolourised image from a photo taken of me in Aberystwyth.

I will hold this post as a draft until Thursday and release it AFTER the judging.

UPDATE - Monday - Wow! time well spent, I won a Judges Merit for this.

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shigatsuhana said...

It's gorgeous! And I have always loved that photo of you. It certainly deserved a prize. :) Well done.