Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Red & White Quilt exhibit in New York & my Fanoe quilt

Mary Jenkins on her "Little Welsh Quilts and Other Traditions" blog (see my blog list) mentions an upcoming exhibition of red and white quilts in New York. Lucky thing is going to see it too! Click the link to read her blog post and get links to exhibition info too -

Red & White Quilts on Mary's blog

Red and white is such a fresh combination for quilts. The old quilts used the colourfast Turkey Red dye - we have to be a bit more careful with our reds nowadays, as they aren't always colourfast.

The quilt in the photo above is my Fanoe quilt, which will be in the Danish quilt guild's magazine "Kludemagasinet" next year. It was longarm pantograph quilted by Pam Ablett at The Quilter's Trading Post, Whitchurch.

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