Saturday, 22 January 2011

World Textile Day features in The Quilter

"The Quilter" is the professionally produced quarterly magazine sent to members of the Quilters' Guild of the British Isles. It is different from other quilting magazines in that it is only sent out to members (no magazine subscription only possible) and, rather than featuring lots of project instructions, it concentrates on interesting articles and keeps you up to date with what's on (although there are regular columns on techniques and plenty of images too). This issue got caught up in postal delays around Christmas and I only received my copy this week.

I spotted a photo Bob took at last year's World Textile Day, when I had Magie Relph of The African Fabric Shop dressed in kimono (for the first time). Bob also wrote the article. I hadn't realised just how nicely the display of my yukata fabrics would look as the backdrop! These are the gorgeous stencilled cotton fabrics I sell as panels, approx. 1 metre long, the length of the pattern repeat.

This year's World Textile Day is on Saturday 19th March. I won't be there this year, because I'm teaching in Australia, but Debbie (who helps me at many UK shows) will be taking my fabrics and kimono for sale. To read more about the theme and talks at this year's event, click the photo above to enlarge it.

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