Saturday, 22 January 2011

Two quilts, in different versions

Ann Hill came to the Japanese Circles and Squares workshop I did with Solway Quilters in 2009 (LOL, I thought it was only a year ago until I checked). This is Ann arranging the blocks in the workshop. We had a fun day.

Rather than add circles, she added numbers! Ann writes -

Yes I did finish the square and circles but not as you would expect. I didn't put any circles on it. I added numbers!! It now forms part of my Alzheimer project which I have been heading for the past two years. I have an accountant as one of the group and he likes things to run in rows and columns along with boxes so he liked the pattern of your quilt. I put numbers and an A/c sign in half a dozen of the boxes and it is currently on exhibition at Hampden Park Football Museum in Glasgow. I have 65 quilts on display. The launch is on the 14 Feb although the quilts have been up since October. I am expecting them to hang until June.

More about the project -

Celebrating "World Alzheimer Day‟ in our region The project is collaboration between DGRI’s Specialist Palliative Care Unit, Alzheimer Scotland, and Ann Hill - Quilter in Residence at the Dumfries Hospitals. Throughout the 18 months of the project those participating have been involved in the choice of fabrics, the colour and the design. The quilts have been inspired by the conversations between the quilter, the person with dementia and their families as well as members of staff throughout the various facilities.

Ann sent me the following information about her quilt (from the pdf exhibition catalogue) and there is more information on her website -

Arthur is an accountant, who likes to draw and paint in straight lines and place objects in boxes- particularly numbers. He inspired the design of the quilt by suggesting that it should be made up like a spreadsheet with numbers on it. Arthur has had pet cats all his life and so we used cats as a pattern in the border as well as on the quilting. On the day I visited Arthur said he had felt lonely. We sat and held hands for a while and talked about both our families and how I had also had cats.

I spotted that Ann is offering a sampler quilt course based on blocks from my "Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks" book at her "quilter's resource" in Mouswold, Dumfriesshire. This is the lovely sampler she has made from the book, but quilters will be able to make their sampler larger if desired (there's 126 blocks to choose from in my book, so it could go a lot bigger). I look forward to seeing photos of the quilts made during the course.

Thanks for the photos Ann!

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