Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Identifying a Moda fabric

If I'd known I'd be hunting for more of the light tan floral tone on tone on the left in the attached photo, I'd have looked at Trading Day on Sunday! Messed up my end triangle calculations on all four borders and it is just my luck there's no fabric left. Thought I'd been clever using up a couple of scrap strips that came in a Moda scrap bag (one of those factory packed ones from the Layer Cake production scraps) but now there's no more left and I don't know which range its from. I really don't want to have to remake the strips for want of four triangles but it would be nice if I could get a match. Any ideas?

It was a very recent scrap bag, as the other fabrics in it were from the 'Hope' collection which is just out.

EDIT - Found name and range - it was, as I suspected by designers Kansas Troubles, and is no. 9295 21 from their 'Wrapped in Paisley' collection for Moda. Several friends online suggested I look through the Moda online archive. If you need to search, try loading several pages at once, using the 'View Swatch Page' buttons under each collection name. Knowing the styles of various designers/ranges in advance helps. Of course, the one I was looking for just would start with a 'W' in an alphabetical list!

ANOTHER EDIT - Dot Sherlock at Quilter's Needs (our local travelling quilt shop) came up with just enough for me to cut the larger triangles. Thanks Dot! If she had a web site for her fabrics, I'd add a link, but alas no. You can catch up with her and her fabrics at various quilting events in this region, including Chester Ps & Qs and Wrexham Quilting Circle's monthly meetings, as well as Quilters' Guild events and, of course, Gresford Craft Group's annual exhibition in June.


Sekhet said...

An eye opener... I did not knew that quilt could be so expressive and vibrant Wow

Sekita - Denmark

Sekhet said...

An eye opener, I did not knew quilt could be so expressive and vibrant