Tuesday, 15 February 2011

World Textile Day

Now Quiltfest's trading day is out of the way, the next big trading outing for Susan Briscoe Designs is World Textile Day. As I will be in Australia for most of March, Debbie will be presenting a selection of my Japanese fabrics, kimono, books and kits at Llanidloes this year. It is a great event for lovers of all kinds of world textiles - not just an event for quilters and embroiderers! Right click the image above to download the poster. Please feel free to print and display.

Fabrics - there are quite a lot of new kimono silks, including shibori and other hand dyes, for just £10 a metre.

Kimono - the kimono sale continues - 25% off. This brings the wool hitoe (unlined) kimono to around £21 and the vintage pieces from around £16 up. Some of these are good enough for regular wear, others are a great source of vintage fabric for repurposing and remaking.

As part of the 'Print, Pattern and Design' exhibition this year, we will be showing some kimono, obi and sample panels/fabrics (these panels and fabrics will be for sale).

You can see pictures from last year's World Textile Day here.

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