Sunday, 6 March 2011

At Changi Airport, Singapore - with quilts

Waiting to checkin for my final flight now, to Brisbane. There was a mix up over the excess baggage and the two cases of quilts, but we seem to have found a way around it. Not helped by the flight from Heathrow actually being operated by BA rather than Quantas, but luckily they let me take my second quilt bag on as the second piece of hand luggage (my first is the backpack from 'Fabulous Fat Quarter Bags'). I may be able to check it in for the last stage of the journey. hope so, but it won't make a lot of difference now.

Heathrow is worse than ever. I seemed to walk miles in the aiport terminals, with the underground from 5 to 3. Shopping mall in 3 is even worse to get through than it used to be - on entering the duty free (the only way to get thru) the only signs visible are for 'luxury' products no one in a hurry has time to buy. Signage in general there is very poor and confusing - just hope all goes well on the way back!

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