Thursday, 24 March 2011

Back home in Brymbo!

I arrived home late yesterday afternoon, after 3 flights - Melbourne to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to London Heathrow and Heathrow to Manchester.

I had a fantastic time in Australia. Many, many thanks to Bev Perel at Maleny Magic Patchwork & Quilts, who did such an amazing job of organising every detail of my trip. Remember, if you would like to visit Bev's shop, make it quick, because she is planning to retire at the end of June. She has a beautiful selection of fabrics, all the kind of things I love, from Japanese prints to Aboriginal designs. Thank you very much to my lovely hosts in Cairns and Melbourne - Colleen at Patchwork Friendsy in Cairns, Heather (president of Victorian Quilters and my guide to the Melbourne quilt shops - shop post later!) and Les and Gordon, my hosts in Melbourne. You, and the quilters I met, have made my trip really memorable and a great pleasure.

Still in need some r & r time, so I will be going back to bed for a doze, with an ice pack for my foot. My mozzie bite is getting better, but have another load of antibiotics to take now.

I'll add a couple of photo posts up quickly, so you can see the gorgeous work done in Cairns and Melbourne.

Nice to be home, even if Fluff seems a bit annoyed that I am wanting to share 'her' bed!

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