Sunday, 20 March 2011

In Melbourne - Super Strips

We had a great workshop in Melbourne today, doing 'Super Strips'. Lots of photos, which I will upload just as soon as I can get my computer linked up to the wireless service here (using one of the quilter's computers right now).

Yesterday we had our second workshop in Cairns, making a hybrid between the Bollywood Handbag from '21 Sensational Patchwork Bags' and the Quilter's Suitcase from 'Fabulous Fat Quarter Bags'. I flew down here last night.

Tomorrow, I get to check out some of the local quilt shops and there's my final talk in the evening. I fly home on Tuesday. Don't know where the last two weeks have gone! I have had a great time here and love Australia (despite my mosquito bites). Hope I can come back soon.

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Sue said...

Hope you checked out Cairns craft centre- I haven't been but Frances has become a friend through Blogging.