Sunday, 27 March 2011

Fanoe quilt

My red and white quilt has been published in 'Kludemagazinet', the Danish Quilt Guild's magazine.

If you would like the instructions in English, it looks like they will appear in 'Fabrications' sometime next winter - so you have an excuse to start collecting red and white fabrics now.

The quilt is being raffled to raise funds for the Quilt Museum, York.  However, the quilt needs to 'earn it's keep' a little first.


Anonymous said...

Lovely, happy, quilt Susan. I think I would like it in black and white too. I look forward to the English instructions.,Jill

Susan Briscoe said...

I would like to remake it in blue and white for myself, if I had time! But that could be a long way off. It would be a good project for the Hungarian blue prints I have collected.

Anonymous said...

It would be brilliant for those.