Friday, 8 April 2011

Super Strips in Middlesbrough

Close to my old home territory today, doing Super Strips with the Village Quilters, at Linthorpe Community Centre, Middlesbrough. This group started only two years ago and is already well established, with a very good workshop space. I'm looking forward to visiting them again in December, perhaps for a sashiko workshop next time.

Lots of different fabric choices for Super Strips, starting with Bali Batiks - the first strip selection is called 'Cappucino'.

Other batiks showed off colourful dyes -

Moda jelly rolls - 'Maison de Garance' -

Moda range by Sandy Gervais - 'Awesome', I think.

Other rolls were from Fabric Freedom or strips cut by the quilters, so there was a lot of variety.

This panel repeats the same prints in different colourways around the patchwork. The photo doesn't really do it justice, because the gold metallic highlights don't show up.

Arranging the light and dark strips in a different order created a new pattern -

Linthorpe Road still has some nice, old fashioned 'real' shops - I got my watch fixed here (new battery) before the workshop, next door to the hall!


Ferret said...

That does look like a very nice hall. I like the variant block at the end. It's always more fun when some one decides to be different.

Susan Briscoe said...

Yes, that's how a lot of designs get moved on. More pictures of today's (Saturday's) workshop just posted. :-)