Wednesday, 4 May 2011

May Day dancing in Kent

Still catching up with this week...!

On May Day, Kettle Bridge Clogs danced out in the evening at 'their' bridge, then we all went to the pub for some more dancing, until it was too cold to sit out.

Click this image to read the history of the bridge.

On Bank Holiday Monday, they danced at Whitstable, as guests of Oyster Morris, along with a number of other teams.

- including (in descending order below) Oyster Morris Men, Old Palace Clog, Dead Horse Morris, Gong Scourers Manic Morris, Kettle Bridge Clogs (who seemed to have got an extra, very small, dancer bopping along, in team colours!) Click the photos for video links for each team (not necessarily the same dances as at Whitstable, just what I could find).

Dancing continued down by the sea - very sunny but also very cold, with a strong wind.

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