Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Wealden Quilt Show, Crowborough

I've had a busy weekend and got a bit behind with my blogging, so here are a few photos from the Wealden Quilt Show, which was held in Crowborough, Sussex, on Friday and Saturday. Although Friday clashed with the royal wedding, the quilt show (the 10th anniversary show too) was all arranged well before the wedding was announced and it was not possible to reschedule it for another date. The organisers went with a wedding and anniversary theme instead, including a display of vintage wedding dresses, quilts with hearts etc. and many of the visitors' choice award winners from the previous decade's shows.

The quilt in the background is 'Love Hearts' by Angela Turner.

A couple of my quilts filled in a gap in the foyer (the two on the lower rail). I have a few more photos of quilts (although somehow I didn't get one of this year's Visitors' Choice, a lovely Lone Star in spring greens by Dorothy Thompson - can anyone send me one?)

My sashiko workshop, a one hour 'taster' session on the Yuza sashiko hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko) pattern kusazashi (grasses sashiko), was scheduled for an hour at 11 a.m, exactly overlapping with the royal wedding on TV. We delayed the start for five minutes, so the quilters could see what the wedding dress was like, but still had nine quilters in the class. I don't think I've ever had such competition from another event .

It was a pleasure to do this show again, which has such a good variety of local quilts displayed - something to appeal to all tastes and levels of ability in quilting, sure to inspire visitors! Thanks to Lynette, Dorothy, Jan and all their team for staging another fun event.

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