Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Patchworktage in Rüdesheim, Germany

I am teaching two workshops at this event -

I will also have some of my quilts on display in my demo booth.

The workshops will be 'Bamboo and Grasses - two Yuza sashiko patterns' (half day, June 10th) and 'Sashiko Furoshiki' (full day, June 13th).


Lis said...

Interesting - you'll be teaching Japanese in German!!

Susan Briscoe said...

I've taught sashiko in Sweden, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Hungary, so Germany seems a logical continuation! :-)

Most of my books are translated in German. I just hope the German quilters aren't too dissapointed at my lack of Deutch. I would have loved to study German at school, but with French already on my curriculum, there was no room. Crazy thing is that abotu 50% of German makes perfect sense!

Der sashiko nadeln ist der grosse nadeln etc. Must brush up on some more...