Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Trying to post a blog button - Quilt Museum lottery bid vote!

Maybe I just can't think straight but I've been trying to add some html code to put a voting button for the Lottery Awards on my blog, and I just can't seem to get it to work! I keep getting a message that there's an error in the code when I try to put it on the side bar with the other gadgets, but it looks like it might be working here. I'll try it anyway...

Vote for Unfolding The Quilts

EDIT - it seems to work here, at least it links through to the lottery awards page. Too early to vote yet anyway, but I would like to have it working and in an obvious spot from 31st May to 20th June, when the voting will be live.

EDIT - done! I didn't spot the 'add by html' button (or something like that) in the 'add gadget' menu on Blogger. I tend to assume I'm going to have to scrape together everything I can remember about writing html code every time I want to change something on the blog, but it is usually much easier than that. :-)

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