Monday, 30 May 2011

Sashiko in Scotland - mystery tour - part 1

I drove up to Scotland on Saturday, just after the worst of the gales had finished, although perhaps not at Lancaster services on the M6! The 'space age' turret is one of those iconic pieces of motorway architecture...

On Sunday we drove up what used to be known as 'The Devil's Elbow'. Since my dad drove down it on our way home from our holiday at Ballater in 1970, the road has been realigned, so the hairpin bends have gone. It is still very steep in places - also freezing cold and high winds. Glyn (who helped me out at the Edinburgh Spring Quilt Festival) also got a few photos. I stuck it out for a panorama, after which my hands were frozen (click photo to see it large size).

Continuing onto Glenshee. The ski lift is in the distance.

I didn't remember the cafe and other buildings from 1970, but they are there on the home movie stills - turned out I parked in the same car park.

Unfortunately, I couldn't repeat this shot from the Standard 8 footage, as the ski lift wasn't running - too windy!

Posing -

Posting a postcard outside Braemar -

More in a moment...

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