Monday, 30 May 2011

Sashiko in Scotland - mystery tour - part 2

After driving up to Glenshee on Sunday, we continued along a route (probably in reverse to the way I first travelled it) to check out some of the places that appear on the 1970 home movie. Glyn did some detective work on Google Street View and we tracked down the house in Ballater where I stayed that week. It is still a holiday let, but looked empty at the moment. In 1970 -

Today -

I wanted to find the route we took up the mountain that overlooks Ballater. There was a track signposted from the end of the bridge, where I remember we finished the walk. The wood started out as birch, with pine above the track we followed.

In 1970 -

2011 -

From the home movie, I was looking for a stile, but there didn't seem to be anything by the roadside. We walked a bit further up the track, through a birch wood, then spotted a spur to the path which went straight up a rocky gully, now with tall pine trees on either side. This definitely looked like the path, and was steep enough. No ladder stile now though. The start of the path in 1970 -

The start of the path in 2011 -

Half way up the mountain, 1970 (I didn't get so far this time!)

The view of Ballater, 1970 -

Walking back down to the road 2011 -

Walking back over the bridge, 1970 - this sign has been moved -

When I worked in Rights of Way, it would have been amazing to be able to link up footage like this with one of the routes we managed.

Crossing the bridge 2011 -

House to let! Spotted in an estate agent's window while walking back through Ballater.

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These photos and commentaries are lovely to experience!