Saturday, 21 May 2011

Saturday at Quilts UK

Today got busy in the marquee almost as soon as the show opened. I managed to see the jounal quilt challenge earlier and bought a stunning tree panel and coordinate from The Crafty Quilter (it's so new, Joanna hasn't got it on the website yet) - here's a link where you can read about it on the designers blog -

Melissa Marie: Trees...... I have always loved trees..... especia...: "Trees...... I have always loved trees..... especially when they are without their leaves. It is then that you can see the beautiful shape..."

It is a refreshingly different fabric range and I'm sure I'll be making something interesting with it!

The journal quilt challenge is on the theme 'Fantasy' this year. Quilters have entered pairs of journal quilts, i.e. A4 size art quilts. It's great to have a category like this, as for quite a while at UK shows, small quilts have ended up being entered in miniature categories, where they don't really fit the miniature criteria other than small external dimensions.

Sorry, no photos of the journal quilts here, as I don't have permission from any of the makers, but I am sure some of them will be posting them on their own blogs and websites.


Melissa Marie Collins said...

Hello there! I am glad that you enjoy my fabric line Wildwood!

~Melissa Marie

Susan Briscoe said...

Hi Melissa Marie,

yes, I'm so looking foward to using it!

Could I post a picture of the panel on my blog please?

Melissa Marie Collins said...

Yes! Please do!