Monday, 6 June 2011

Back from Scotland and computer problem - major one?

Just got home, switched on main laptop and it won't boot up properly! Help! all the stuff for my German trip on Thursday - e tickets etc. - are on there. I'm hoping it wasn't bashed on my trip and was working fine on Friday.

It keeps trying to reboot and won't shut down. Don't know what to do.

EDIT - eventually just had to deprive it of power. This morning, it's in for repairs. I'm hoping it isn't the hard drive that's gone or, if it is, that we can recover all the data. Most of my work etc. is of course backed up but the e mails haven't been recently and, more importantly, my diary hasn't been backed up to the external drives for at least a month. I don't want to loose all my Scottish trip photos either!

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jatajomi said...

Oh, I'm sorry, I can't help you,
but we would see us.
I'll take the workshops at both days in Rüdesheim.