Monday, 20 June 2011

National Quilting Championships

Apart from the M25 being horribly congested on Friday, I have had a very good time at the National Quilting Championships - easy get in and get out, good demo stand location (opposite large windows), full workshops, next door to Kim Shaw and Helen Deighan (so lots of laughs), met lots of enthusiastic quilters and came back 3 book boxes less. The traffic wasn't too bad most days, averaging an hour & a few minutes for the 50 mile journey and a record getout - all done in just an hour! I managed to fit the shorter poles and end trestles for the quilt frame in the car and Meg (New Threads) has kindly transported the longer poles in her van, so I'll get those back at Festival of Quilts in August - might need to cut them down a bit.

I didn't take many photos. This one of me on the stand was taken on Sunday afternoon, when I was feeling a bit washed out!

Some beautiful quilts - especially liked Ferret's 'Greek Fossils' and the long narrow feather panel Sally Bramald showed - both won awards. I expect they'll have pictures on their blogs by now (see the blog links list). Sheena Norquay had a 2 piece bed quilt set with hand stamped flowers and a simple but controlled machine quilted design of linked blossoms - very fresh. Anyway, I'll be having a chance to browse through all the photos this week, as I'm writing the review for Fabrications magazine.

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