Sunday, 31 July 2011

Thirfty Thirties Art Deco mini quilt

West Michigan Quilter blogged about her completed mini quilt panel made from '130 Mini Quilt Blocks' ('130 Little Quilt Blocks' in the UK) - see picture above. Isn't it lovely and so thirties? She flagged up an error in the measurements of the Art Deco II blocks (the ones on the sides of the border) - see my earlier post for the correct info - somehow this had escaped both myself and the technical editor at the block checking and proofreading stages.

I love seeing how some of these mix and matches from my books, created on the computer from thumbnail images of the individual blocks, work out in real life. Trouble is, I then want to make them myself!

Thanks very much for the photo and I look forward to seeing some more creations from that book.


West Michigan Quilter said...

This really was a fun block to make. Someone even said on my blog about how intricate it looks, which is saying something since I'm a novice piecer. I hope to make more fun blocks from your book. Thanks for all your help.

Susan Briscoe said...

It looks lovely - the blocks with the wedge shaped pieces aren't very difficult other than handling the bias edges and making sure the pieces are the right way round (I'm very good at accidentally cutting out a mirror image of what I want!) I think you hand pieced them too? That's how my Japanese friends work and they think you can do a lot of intricate piecing more easily by hand i.e. with a better finish. Looking forward to seeing more!