Thursday, 4 August 2011

Festival of Quilts - in just one week's time...

As pointed out by a quilting friend, a week from today will be the first day of Festival of Quilts! Still much to do for me - packing kits, cutting fabric, etc. etc.

My stand no. is G41 once again, towards the back of the halls, circled in red on the plan detail below (left click to enlarge). I am between the Crafty Quilter and the Contented Cat, so I'm in good company! And opposite Fashion Sans Frontieres, so that will be interesting to see, although I doubt I'll be able to see much beyond the hordes in the aisles most times of day.

This year, I'm going to show on my stand the lovely Japanese silk quilt Ferret freehand longarm quilted for 'Japanese Quilt Inspirations' - 'Kunimoto' (Hometown).

I still have a little of the gorgeous landscape/townscape silk used for the block centres... and of course, lots more orange silks, as well as quite a lot of other colours. I just have a weakness for orange! On Saturday, I'm going to have a big cutting session with Debbie, seriously replenishing the £2 treats basket and the precut cotton tsumugi (stripes) stash too. Prices have mainly stayed the same as last year for the fabrics, although I've had to increase the price on kits and patterns a little - printing costs just won't stand still.

I will have the latest books on sale, including '130 Little Quilt Blocks' -

Show specials include two of my books - I managed to get the last remaining hardback copies of 'Fabulous Fat Quarter Bags' and will have these for sale at the same price as the paperback, £12.99, saving £7 off the original price of this first edition, now officially 'out of print'.

I also got a few copies of 'Japanese Sashiko Inspirations' on a bigger discount than usual, so I'm passing that saving on too - while copies last, this book is just £12.99 too (rrp. £15.99)

Last but not least, the Quilter's Desk Diary, which is £9.99 - add it to any purchase with a total value of over £10, and you can have £1 discount.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the 40 or so vintage kimono arrive in time!


Maggi said...

I look forward to seeing you at the show. Hope it is a good one for you and that the Kimonos arrive in time.

Kathie said...

hope the kimonos arrive, oh that desk calendar looks like something I need!
great photos ?