Friday, 9 September 2011

Crafts for All, Bristol

As well as the quilts on my demo stand here, the show organisers asked me to bring some quilts for a small display, part of a much larger display of quilts by various local quilt groups and quilt tutors. As it is unusual for some of these quilts to be out and about at all, I took the following photos.

Several that don't get shown much include a small sampler made for 'Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match', using remakes of two kimono blocks.

The patttern for the small appliqued wallhanging 'Tea Things' appeared in Popular Patchwork about eight years ago. I may republish it.

The grey taupe lap quilt was made for 'Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks', as an excuse for including the sizes for setting triangles for using the blocks on point.

'Takarazukushi' (Collection of Treasures) uses applique blocks from 'Japanese Quilt Blocks'. Like the previous quilt, I intended to quilt it much more heavily (by hand), but there hasn't been time to revisit it and complete the quilting. I must do that sometime, as it is starting to develop creases in the lilac background, which would be helped by more quilting. The plan for this was for a clamshell type pattern like seigaiha (ocean wave) on the lilac faux edo komon print and shippou (seven treasures), in big stitch, over the border squares, plus extra quilting in the background for the applique motifs.

I am running a 'make and take' on the stand, where we are stitching hitomezashi kikkou, a woven stitch.

Sunday update - we had lots of people trying the make and take today, including this enthusiastic 7 year old stitcher. He did really well too!

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Lis said...

How wonderful to see that young man stitching :)