Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Great Northern Quilt Show - quilts from Japanese Quilt Inspirations

All my quilts from 'Japanese Quilt Inspirations' are touring with Grosvenor Shows this Autumn, and will be appearing at the Scottish Quilt Championships later this month, as well as the Autumn Quilt Festivals at Malvern and Chilford in October and November.

For the first time I saw the quilts all together, as a collection. Because of the way a book progresses, with some quilts made for the 'advances' (i.e. so the publisher can make a brochure or 'blad' to sell the book), I don't usually see all the quilts together in one go. Even the styled photo shoots, which were done at the Japanese Garden and Bonsai Centre at Newquay in Cornwall, didn't have all the quilts together at one shoot. So it was exciting for me to see how they look all together.

I got a bit out of sync with the numbering, because I wanted some quilts to be hung opposite each other - we managed to sort this out when some of them were hung and I'll try to get them in a slightly improved order for the other shows. My idea was to try to get pairs of quilts, where we made the same design in two different versions, hanging opposite each other in the V-shaped sections, which more or less worked, though a few were out of order. Anyway, they still looked good, and hung quite well to say they have spent the last few months folded up at the back of my workroom! I tried to minimise creases by refolding every few months. Rather than make this blogpost ultra long, I'll write up a few more posts about the show, so keep watching!

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sandra wyman said...

Lovely to see them - they are stunning!