Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Great Northern Quilt Show - quilt details from Japanese Quilt Inspirations

Here are flat and detail shots of pretty much all the quilts from the book. The longarm quilted ones are for sale - details are here. The quilt above is 'Kimono' (quilted by Karen Florey at the Running Chicken) - detail below.

I will try to keep this post a manageable length, by giving you the eye candy without too much text!

Quilt names precede quilts, and I've included some detail shots showing the quilting.

'Furoshiki' (quilted by Ferret - there will be some extra quilting added to this before it is sold)

'Geisha' (handquilted)

'Kunimoto' (quilted by Ferret)

'Igeta' (handquilted)

'Matsuri' (quilted by Linda Paris)

'Masu' (quilted by Linda Paris)

'Tsuyu' (quilted by Linda Paris)

'Sakiori' (quilted by Lesley Carol Taylor at North Sea Quilters)

'Kamon' (handquilted - my current favourite)

'Irori' (quilted by Linda Paris)

'Tatami' (the original version of 'Irori', hand quilted)

'Shimacho' (quilted by Maria Laza)

'Sensu' (quilted by Maria Laza)

'Kamigata Bunka' (handquilted)

'Hanui' (hand quilted)


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