Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Fanoe Quilt in Fabrications - errata

Two errors have been flagged up on the instructions for my Fanoe Quilt which appeared in the December 2011/January 2012 issue of 'Fabrications' magazine. Firstly, there should be three sashing strips measuring 5in x 1in not 51/2in x 1in. Secondly, the squares which are cut in half diagonally to make the first round of triangles, as shown in the block above, should be 4 5/8in, not 3 7/8in.

I'm not sure how these errors got into the instructions because, as always, I write up my instructions first, then make the block from them, and correct any errors while I make the block. The sashing mistake is probably a cut and paste typo, but I can't work out how the other error got left in the instructions, as I couldn't have made the quilt with the wrong size squares.

Checking the block measurements has been a tricky, as my copy of Fabrications got left in Scotland before Christmas while the working drawings and notes are next to my work table in North Wales, where I haven't been since Christmas, plus the quilt is with Fabrications for taking to the Grosvenor quilt shows this spring! A bit complicated.

I have double checked (again) all the other triangle measurements and the setting triangles and these are correct. This must be assembled with accurate quarter inch seams for the blocks to work.

I'll let Fabrications know and ask them to print an errata in the next issue.

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