Friday, 6 January 2012

Patchwork courses at The Royal, Bridlington

February is going to be a busy month! As well as Quiltfest taking up much of my time at the moment, I'm teaching patchwork courses at The Royal, Bridlington, once again. Fiona has put the info up here, if you're interested, and we are just finalising the requirements lists. There are only a few places left now, so if you are interested, book quickly.

The day workshops are Spinning Squares (top), Super Strips (below) and Time and Time again (last pic - a new workshop - a Jelly Roll version of my 'Time and Again' quilt).

I'm also doing a short workshop to make a version of the Komebukuro bag, on the evening of the first day. It will require a bit of preparation to fit the workshop into a short time slot, so I'm asking everyone to bring FIVE blocks ready made and quilted - these can be five the same or five different, so long as they are all the same size. What a great way to use up some blocks from that larger quilt you never got finished... Alternatively, bring squares of heavier fabric, like denim or lightweight furnishing fabric. More info on the requirements list! Ann Ferguson of Quiltopia made these gorgeous Komebukuro from charm squares, but then she does have a headstart with all the beautiful fabrics in her shop...


Rhianydd said...

I love the super strips quilt just wish the course wasnt so far away

will you be doing pattern only at any point to sell

Susan Briscoe said...

It's one of those quilts where you have to keep measuring it, as with all those seams, two rarely come out exactly the same size - so I don't think it would work so well as a pattern. Where are you? I've taught this all over the place, including Melbourne, Australia! :-)

Rhianydd said...

I am in Brighton did a sashiko taster with you back in April last year at a quilt show
and realy enjoyed doing that